Watch Live Here: Nebraska Legislature Committee Hears Two Tobacco-Tax Related Measures


Feb 13

The Nebraska Legislature’s Revenue Committee on Thursday will consider two measures addressing taxing of tobacco products.

Sen. Sue Crawford introduced LB1117, which would increase the tax in cigarettes from 64 cents per pack to $2.14 per pack. Also, it would:

  • Increase the tax on snuff from 44 cents per ounce to $1 per ounce. Increase the tax on tobacco products other than snuff from 20 percent of wholesale to 45 percent of wholesale.
  • Increase the cigarette tax revenue designated for the General Fund from 49 cents to $1.99 per pack.
  • Increase the allocation of cigarette tax revenue to the Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund from $1.2 million to $2.5 million.

Download a bill summary and analysis of LB1117 here.

Another measure, LB1087, also will be heard by the Revenue Committee Thursday.

LB 1087, introduced by Sen. Justin Wayne, changes the tax rate on cigars, which is currently 20 percent of the wholesale price. It would impose a 50-cent cap on the cigar tax. If it passes, it would go into effect on Oct. 1, 2018.

Download a bill summary and analysis of LB1087 here.

Both bills are scheduled for hearing before the Revenue Committee Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. LB1117 is scheduled for second on the agenda and LB1087 is scheduled for third on the agenda.

Watch the hearing live here.

Watch it live here.

Download a bill summary and analysis here.



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