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Dec 06

Going Smokefree by August 2018: Resources for Implementation

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Are you:

  • Working on implementing HUD’s Rule for Smokefree Housing?
  • Wondering what resources can help you get there?

Please join Health Education Inc. in collaboration with Tobacco Free Nebraska for webinars to talk about resources available to you as a Nebraska Public Housing Authority. Each webinar is designed to provide assistance tied to the steps you’re taking to implementation of smokefree housing.

You may download the packet of resources referenced in this webinar at this link.

Jul 26

How to Go Smokefree: A Countdown for Nebraska Public Housing Authorities

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Smoke-free air policies in Public Housing Authorities improve the health of residents.

Studies show the air quality of your building will improve with smoke-free policies. The secondhand smoke from just a few smokers can permeate the air of an entire residential building. Smoke-free air reduces heart attack rates, decreases severe asthma attacks in children and residents from respiratory illness and even cancer. Smoke-free air policies also increases smoking cessation in the community. This decreases the instances of tobacco-related illnesses including cancer, stroke and heart disease.

This webinar shows the timeline HUD has laid out for Public Housing Authorities to go smoke-free, as well as ideas for preparing to go smokefree under the HUD tobacco rule.

Jan 19

Nebraska Racing Commission Director Fears Revenue Leaving State From Smoke-Free Horseman’s Park

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A number of directors of state programs came to a hearing Tuesday to ask the Legislature to stay away from their cash when adjusting this year’s state budget.


The governor would also take $150,000 from the Nebraska Racing Commission’s cash fund, which comes from pari-mutuel wagers on horse races. Executive Director Tom Sage has cut expenses to build up the fund ahead of problems he can see on the horizon, such as a $4 million simulcasting facility being built in Council Bluffs, Iowa, that would allow smoking.

Horsemen’s Park, the simulcasting facility in Omaha, doesn’t allow smoking.

“I feel a lot of our revenue is going to go across the river,” he said.

The racing commission would be glad to do its part, and give the state $15,000 to $20,000 from the fund, he said, but the commission could be harmed with the large amount the governor wants to take.

Excerpt from the Lincoln Journal Star 

Dec 22

Cheshire considers banning tobacco in parks

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CHESHIRE — Tobacco use in public parks and on school grounds could be banned if a proposed ordinance is approved by the Town Council.

Last week, the council voted unanimously to hold a public hearing on the prohibition, but hasn’t set a date.

About six months ago, the Parks Commission recommended the prohibition of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic cigarettes, vapor devices, chewing tobacco and snuff at all parks and on school grounds.

Smokers who ignore the ban could get a fine of up to $90, according to the proposed ordinance.

The ordinance also calls for signs notifying residents of “tobacco-free zones” and informing them of the statute number and the penalty.

Jim Nankin, chairman of the Parks Commission, said the smoking ban was an idea “whose time had come.”

“If you look around at our neighboring towns, you’ll see more and more of them do this already,” Nankin said. “It doesn’t make any sense not to do it.”

Nankin, who quit cigarettes several years ago, said he is concerned about government interference in people’s lives. In this case though, he believes a smoking prohibition in town parks will make them more enjoyable for the non-smokers who use them. Particularly during large events such as the Fall Festival or concerts, smokers can annoy others with their activity.

There’s been little opposition, Nankin said, which he credited with the significant drop in the number of smokers.

“I don’t think we could have done this 10 years ago,” he said.

Cheshire park users interviewed Wednesday were supportive of a ban on smoking in the parks, saying they disliked the smell.

“Definitely ban smoking. Ban smoking all around,” said Justino Santos. He was at Cheshire’s Farmington Canal Heritage Trail with his wife who said it would make the parks more enjoyable but said a ban did seem “a little harsh.”

Rob Oris, Town Council chairman, said he’s looking forward to hearing from the public on the issue.

He understands the motives behind the ordinance to promote health, prevent fires and keep smoke away from non-smokers but said he’s concerned about enforcement and interfering with people’s lives.

“I have mixed feelings about it,” Oris said. “It seems like every little thing nowadays we want to regulate.”

Park users might help enforce the ban but catching every violator might be difficult.

“I’m not sure how you enforce something like this,” he said. “You’re not going to have the tobacco police out there.”

Source: Record-Journal

Dec 22

Bogalusa, La.’s Enacts Smoking Ban

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Smokefree Restaurant

Last night, the Bogalusa City Council enacted what is being heralded as the most comprehensive smoking ban in Louisiana.

The ban, which has yet to posted to the city’s website. applies to all indoor facilities within the city, including bars and gaming facilities according to a report from Retail tobacco stores did receive an exemption, as did private homes and cars and hotel rooms designated as smoking rooms.

Bogalusa has a population of just over 12,000 residents and is situated 70 miles north of New Orleans.

Source: Halfwheel