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Dec 06

Going Smokefree by August 2018: Resources for Implementation

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Are you:

  • Working on implementing HUD’s Rule for Smokefree Housing?
  • Wondering what resources can help you get there?

Please join Health Education Inc. in collaboration with Tobacco Free Nebraska for webinars to talk about resources available to you as a Nebraska Public Housing Authority. Each webinar is designed to provide assistance tied to the steps you’re taking to implementation of smokefree housing.

You may download the packet of resources referenced in this webinar at this link.

Jul 26

How to Go Smokefree: A Countdown for Nebraska Public Housing Authorities

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Smoke-free air policies in Public Housing Authorities improve the health of residents.

Studies show the air quality of your building will improve with smoke-free policies. The secondhand smoke from just a few smokers can permeate the air of an entire residential building. Smoke-free air reduces heart attack rates, decreases severe asthma attacks in children and residents from respiratory illness and even cancer. Smoke-free air policies also increases smoking cessation in the community. This decreases the instances of tobacco-related illnesses including cancer, stroke and heart disease.

This webinar shows the timeline HUD has laid out for Public Housing Authorities to go smoke-free, as well as ideas for preparing to go smokefree under the HUD tobacco rule.

Dec 19

Webinar: Public Health Law: A Tool to Address Emerging Health Concerns

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Law has long been used as a tool for protecting and promoting public health. This webinar, a presentation of the CDC’s December 2016 Grand Rounds, explores issues regarding the intersection of public health and the law, including tobacco use and smoking, and presents the history and legal background for many public health laws put in place in the United States.

Dec 15

Webinar: Exploring Messages on E-Cigarettes Aimed at Women and Youth


This webinar, hosted by ASTHO (the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials), discusses messages used regarding e-cigarettes, and focuses on issues regarding young children and the effects that nicotine has on brain development in adolescents.

The webinar also discusses public health messages aimed at women before and during pregnancy on the use of e-cigarettes.

This webinar is hosted by the ASTHO with the support of the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP), the National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO), and the Children’s Safety Network.