Nebraska Tobacco Related Bills

BillSponsorStatusSummary and Analysis
LB73 - Prohibit the sale or transfer to or use by persons under twenty-one years of age of tobacco, vapor products, and alternative nicotine productsSen. Merv RiepeIntroduced January 5, 2017. Referred to General Affairs Committee. Hearing scheduled for February 13.LB73 Summary and Analysis
LB190 - Provide limit on tax on cigars, cheroots, and stogiesSen. KintnerIntroduced January 10, 2017. Referred to Revenue Committee. February 7: Indefinitely postponed.LB190 Summary and Analysis
LB438 - Increase cigarette and tobacco taxes as prescribed and provide for the distribution of fundsSen. HowardIntroduced January 17, 2017. Referred to Revenue Committee.LB438 Summary and Analysis